Sound Engineer

Live Performances // Recording Sessions

An essential part of any performance and recording involving audio is the person handling the broadcast and reproduction of that audio. Venues usually provide their own sound engineer, and performers have been known to manage themselves when it comes to stage sound.


I have had years of experience, under a variety of environments – outdoors and indoors, and adapted easily to unusual circumstances and requirements. I have undertaken stage sound and Front Of House (FOH) for theater performances, as well as live music: in genres ranging from Acoustic Alternative, to Jazz and Big Band music, to Metal, and dabbled in Electronic music as well.


I am available to do sound for venues in a freelance capacity:
  • Please provide me the Tech Rider of the performer in advance.
  • Details about the in-house space, sound console, PA, and monitors are required.
  • Routing setup details to be provided at the venue prior to soundcheck.
  • Let me know well in advance if you would need the performance to be recorded.
    • Venue and console dependant. In the event that the soundboard does not have any/adequate recording capabilities, I will have to get my recording interface, which will cost extra. Get in touch for details.
Dedicated Sound Engineer to live performers:

Having a dedicated sound engineer, who knows your sound and performance, will allow you to focus on the actual performance, and in turn enable you in getting your message across with clarity and confidence.

For any queries E-mail using the contact form to the left,

Or contact my manager (Mana D Contractor) on +91 96 20 30 9657